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By bringing the native experience in a super-lightweight web app, Uber has enabled quick ride requests regardless of location, network speed, and device. The core app of only 50kB allows it to load within 3 seconds on 2G networks. India’s leading travel company has about eight million visitors to their site on a monthly basis, with mobile traffic accounting for two-thirds. As mobile becoming the most preferred channel for booking among MakeMyTrip customers, they developed a PWA that led to a fast, reliable and polished mobile-web experience. They decided to combine their web presence and native app into a PWA, which has resulted in a big increase in conversions. I’ve seen this in action many times — it’s how I ended up with a drawer full of The Ordinary skincare products that I probably won’t get through any time soon.

Companies Using PWAs

The PWA-based software makes the process of learning a piece of music easier and more efficient for self-taught musicians with an innovative music player. The Soundslice player allows users to learn a piece of music while reading and hearing it on any device, whether it’s a phone or a large-screen desktop. On top of that, music teachers can utilize the tool to create interactive music lessons. With a focus on learning from recordings, Soundslice also has a store that sells lessons and transcriptions. Here are 5 more huge global companies that use PWA solutions. Billings Gazette is a daily newspaper printed in Montana.

In the 1990s, the web experienced tremendous growth and an increase in popularity. However, screen time has shifted from the web to smartphone apps. Instead of using the web to connect with the world, people started using applications to talk, share photos, and buy products. Google has come up with a program that will bring the web up to speed with mobile applications. Progressive web apps are modern web pages which also perform as mobile apps. Although this solution is still quite new on the market, it is already trusted.

Who is using PWA?

The company saw a 160 percent increase in user sessions and a 20 percent decrease in bounce rate when compared to their old mobile site. Flipboard is one of the best examples of PWA for online news. The PWA minimizes data usage to deliver a slick and fast browsing experience, in a beautiful interface. Until the launch of their PWA, Flipboard was a mobile app, which only presents on mobile devices.

  • The installed app is always accessible from the home screen of the desktop or mobile device.
  • The famous UK brand realized that even though their old website had increased mobile traffic, the mobile conversion rate wasn’t growing.
  • For instance, each of the stores—App Store, Google Play, and Microsoft Store—has unique specifications for the software that may be downloaded from them.
  • Apple has not opted to be a part of including PWA technology in Safari.
  • The social network found that only 1% of their mobile users convert into sign-ups, logins or app installs, due to poor performance on mobile.
  • The Post to publish over 1,000 articles a day, with average load times of 400 milliseconds – an 88% performance improvement over their traditional mobile website.
  • We’re a few weeks into a new year, which is a great time to take stock of your financial goals and how to create better habits to achieve them.

Access in offline mode, the ability to add to the home screen or a quick front are just a few advantages. Tajawal is a company that operates in the UAE, and beyond. They offer cheap flights over 450 airlines and over 1 million hotels worldwide, and also complete package solutions.

Financial Times | UK

As the company expands to new markets, its Uber web was rebuilt from scratch as a PWA to offer a comparable booking experience to the native mobile app. The Uber PWA is designed to make car booking viable on low-speed, 2G networks. Built around the concept of an app-like experience which is accessible on all modern browsers, The PWA is great for riders on low-end devices, which may not be compatible with the native Uber app. PWA allowed the implementation of features for adding the app to the home screen and sending push notifications.

Home Depot, Virgin America, Twitter, and other businesses employ PWAs, to name a few. Progressive web apps are the type of applications that uses multiple modern web technologies progressive web apps and delivers the app;action-like experience to the users. PWA apps are designed to work offline, be fast and responsive, and feel like native apps on mobile devices.

Advantages Of Using The Progressive Web Apps

With faster smartphones and lightning-fast internet speeds, it is natural now that today’s web users demand more. The users of today are accustomed to blazing-fast website loading speeds. With the native apps becoming heavier day by day, it has become difficult for every business to provide a smooth experience across all the platforms. Twitter is a popular microblogging online tool launched in 2006.

The company serves top industries from different business verticals including e-commerce and shopping, education and learning, health and fitness, e-scooter, photo and video streaming. MakeMyTrip developed a PWA that resulted in a quick, dependable, and polished mobile-web experience as mobile became the most favored channel for booking among their clients. The new progressive web app experience tripled company’s conversion rate by minimizing page-load times by 38%.

Companies Using PWAs

PWAs will load quickly without the need to update once new abilities are available. The purpose is to represent sites with a broad, generic reach. Native apps are great for people who utilize a company’s services a lot and have a niche reach.

If yes, you must have greatly understood the advantage of having Google photos in your smart device. Google is making the use of PWA for almost all of its products. And, needless to say, those products are proving to be the best examples of PWAs. It can be boldly said that no one will get lost on the way to a specific destination if he has a smart device connected to the Internet and Google Maps accessible through it. Google Maps, which is one of the most widely used map services across the globe is also a PWA. Also, the is the core app of Uber PWA and is only 50 KB gzipped.

Brought about a 76% increase in total conversions across browsers, along with 14% more monthly active users on iOS and 30% more on Android. The “Add To Homescreen” prompt lead to users re-engaging four times more often than other mobile users. The puzzle game 2048 was originally released as a free app for Android & iOs in 2014. It immediately became a viral hit with more than 4 million users in less than a week after launch.

The company was founded in 2006 as a part of online travel company MakeMyTrip. Now, the company serves over 8 million customers each year. After successful implementation of a PWA by Jumia, the company decided to implement this solution also in Jumia Travel. In sub-Saharan Africa (Jumia Travel’s main market), more than half of the mobile connections are on 2G networks. Most users use lower-end phones and have internet connectivity issues. That is why it was so important to find a solution that would allow for an optimal experience.

Developments Cost Is Not Required

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Mobile applications are a far better option, nevertheless, due to their propensity. In addition, by 2024, there will likely be 1,033.3 million active application users worldwide. As a result, PWAs behave like websites while having the appearance and feel of mobile applications.

Companies Using PWAs

The characteristic feature of the Financial Times is the salmon color of the paper on which it is printed. The same color is used for the background on the website. They have produced a PWA version of the publication to allow readers to consume articles offline and on the go. See how top eCommerce businesses use PWA development for eCommerce and what they gain. An experienced journalist who has also specialized in advertising and business. She cooperated with such portals as,, and

There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. Retailers will use the scarcity principle to convince consumers to purchase items by emphasizing dwindling supplies or limited-time offers. In psychology, social proof refers to the idea that people adapt their behaviors to emulate other people. It’s why influencers are so successful at getting us to buy six tubes of mascara or the same Revlon lipstick that keeps popping up on your Instagram Explore page. is a travel portal which allows you to explore interesting city spots and cool activities. Cool Cousin will provide you with personalized and up-to-date information that will ensure you an unforgettable experience. If you also do business digitally through your eCommerce store or similar in other ways, investing in getting a PWA built can be advantageous for you in several ways. Being one of the world’s most popular magazines, Flipboard is loved by people across the globe. It brings up news and stories from around the world, which you can read later and share with others too.

IKEA first launched its PWA progressive web apps in 2017 in India, followed by rollouts in the US, UK, Germany, Russia, and Japan. The company plans to launch PWAs in all markets where it has an online presence by the end of 2019. Some of the world’s biggest brands have invested in a PWA to make their business accessible to more customers, to improve the performance of their business digitally over the mobile web. With a global monthly user base of around 300 million, Twitter does want to be easily accessible to its end users.

Why are top brands making the switch to Progressive Web Apps?

ReactJS, ANGULAR JS, VueJS, IONIC, SVELTE, PWA Builder are popular progressive web apps frameworks. Progressive web app development provides enhanced, interactive, intuitive designs as well as dynamic data functionality to various business verticals. The Post to publish over 1,000 articles a day, with average load times of 400 milliseconds – an 88% performance improvement over their traditional mobile website.


PWAs require considerably fewer resources because they have a single codebase that can be used to build a web app. That is not the case with native mobile apps as the developers have to develop separate codebases for apps operating on different operating systems like Android and iOS. Thus, doubling the costs and the resources required to build a native mobile app. Apart from that, the time needed to build a PWA is remarkably lower than in building a native app. It also has an overbearing effect on the app’s cost as fewer developer hours are invested in building a PWA as opposed to building a native app. Launched in 2005, Google developers is Google’s site for application programming interfaces , software development tools and platforms, and technical resources.

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It often happens that we couldn’t book a cab because of slow Internet connectivity. For Uber as a business, it means loss of a potential customer. Our website adheres to the guidelines given under the General Data Protection Regulation . This privacy policy aims to assure the safety of data for users visiting our website. Bring a visually appealing experience to your readers and increase your readership by 12%. This is our newest blog series featuring expert opinion and experience from Bizness Apps employees in all departments.

What are Progressive Web Apps?

The installed applications remain on the desktop or any mobile device’s home screen. The accessibility is far easier than any other type of application. Alibaba, the world’s largest B2B marketplace, serves suppliers and buyers in more than 200 countries. With this global customer base, they needed the most compelling bridge between the users of their native app and the mobile web. They wanted to deliver a great user experience for both first-time visitors and repeat visitors .

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