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It enables the system to give its best to assure each customer’s approach per their convenience. Thanks to the practical functionality, the reserved technology can adequately provide the broker with all the trade info about the user. Thus, the office will be able to ensure long-term relationships with the client at no additional cost. Very often, traders team make duplicate privacy policy info about the clients, which over period requires removal. If your user likes more risky strategies and simultaneously spends significant amounts, you can offer some additional analytical tools or assign a personal broker for support. Thus, the purchaser can satisfy your needs, and you can make additional cross-sales.

forex crm

Real-time account monitoring- Track all accounts in real-time to view real-time margins, P/L, and position sizes. Reporting tools- Allow making reports on trade, profit, and loss, deposit amounts, and CDF dividends. Browse an unrivalled portfolio of real-time and historical market data and insights from worldwide sources and experts. Access unmatched financial data, news and content in a highly-customised workflow experience on desktop, web and mobile. The lender had set several conditions for resuming the bailout, including a market-determined exchange rate for the local currency and an easing of fuel subsidies.

Cutting-Edge Advanced Trading UI

This gives you great control over your customer’s Compliance and Financials and at the same time it offers the ultimate Digital Customer Experience to your customers. Together with Syntellicore CRM, Dynamic Works can also deliver your Forex Traders Room as a bundle. We provide all the forex crm necessary tools and services to get you online providing you with leeway against your competition instantly. Register new users directly through your own website using API hooks and create your own custom fields so you can track business-specific details unique to your brokerage.

  • It is a common pattern in Pakistan, where most people live in rural poverty, with more than two dozen IMF deals brokered and then broken over the decades.
  • We offer a large range of products and services to enhance your business operations.
  • The Skale SAAS system has been developed to allow your CRM and Customer Portal to be fully operational and integrated without anyITdevelopment.
  • To make a successful sale right away, a manager should have certain freedom in their actions.
  • A cost-effective solution, Syntellicore can be customized to your exact business model and be optimized to match your existing procedures.

Every payment is calculated individually based on the required features, services, and task complexity. However, you will lose a lot of time and resources trying to do so. Your teams won’t be able to handle all the customers unless they use software of this kind. A CRM solution will help them track progress and work much faster. After completing the customization process, our team will install the system.

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We integrate every component of your brokerage services so that you wouldn’t have to deal with it yourself. Create events for your user activities to enable your marketing team to base your marketing campaigns on the deepest analytics data. A customer management, verification confirmation and ticketing system for your support service which also includes many other useful features. Allow your clients to verify their accounts before conducting any financial activities on the platform. A financial technology provider with cutting-edge aggregation software, ultra-low-latency connectivity, institutional grade hosting solutions.

forex crm

With our RegTech solutions you will save huge amounts of time on preparing reports and monitoring your clientele. How to increase revenue from $2M to $8M in 12 months using an in house sales team without compromising on security, privacy and risk. Track the performance of your sales and retention teams and fully manage your permissions and the access you grant to sensitive data. Setup advanced link tracking for client referrals and incentivize your partners and IBs to source more business. Create custom campaign codes and payouts in your CRM for easy tracking and marketing attribution. Run real time reports to show how much revenue you’ve earned per lead and which team members are hitting targets.


Regulate and streamline transactions being made to a CRM and back office system. Offer advanced money tracking and risk management with setting designed for portfolio centric management. This is probably one of the best features of Cloud Forex CRM systems.

Customers can easily choose the best payment mode according to their convenience. Excellent CRM system and custom finstech solutions software development. They offer honesty service to the customer when we have a trouble they get quick response and solution for us.

Reporting tools- Full reports of trade, profit and loss, deposit amounts, and CDF dividends. Payment processor integration- Integrate with PSPs like a credit card, cryptocurrency wallets, Skrill, SafeCharge, or NETELLER to maintain money transfers easily. IGCS shows retail traders are currently SHORT on EUR/USD, with 69% of traders currently holding short positions. At DailyFX we typically take a contrarian view to crowd sentiment, and the fact that traders are short suggests that prices could EUR/USD may continue rise. The European Central Bank has raised interest rates by 50bps in line with expectations. The central bankexpects to raise rates further keeping them at levels that are sufficiently restrictive to ensure a timely return of inflation to its 2% medium-term target.


Build the strongest argument relying on authoritative content, attorney-editor expertise, and industry defining technology. “Export retentions have been increased and standardised at 75% across all sectors,” the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe said in a monetary policy statement on Thursday. It is a common pattern in Pakistan, where most people live in rural poverty, with more than two dozen IMF deals brokered and then broken over the decades.

A good Forex CRM is the heart of a retail brokerage and is a vital tool for the optimal functioning of any business. With today’s increasing competition and industry demands, operating a brokerage is tougher than ever when it comes to taking care of your clients needs. You can use the industry’s most popular Forex trading platforms to their full force with our CRM, with no volume limitations.

forex crm

Monitor Referral URL and stages- facilitates Partners to build referral networks. The broker can set the percentage of commissions to affiliates for attracted clients. Collaborative CRM is a digital tool that aims to improve customer experience. Collaborative CRM describes an overview of integrated customer data to support them better during the interaction.

The most efficient use of KYC data

Any manager would appreciate tips on how to speak with clients and what to expect from them. This feature helps the management to get a clear overview and then, at the end of the month, to estimate whether the business goals have been achieved or not. Let managers give their clients individual bonuses right away when they are making a sale. Our aim at UpTrader is to support all the best practices on the market so you can quickly build your own business processes by selecting the best options for you. Access to daily technical or fundamental analysis for your clients in the trader’s room.

forex crm

With B2Core, your teams are able to automate time consuming tasks thereby speeding up the sales process, so you can process and deal with clients more quickly and efficiently. A good Forex CRM also incorporates a range of useful tools to assist in this process including trading analytic and reporting tools. With this software, entrepreneurs in this niche can offer a high-end forex trading solution to their clients and take their business to the apex.


The Skale SAAS system has been developed to allow your CRM and Customer Portal to be fully operational and integrated without anyITdevelopment. A web interface for the сrурtо-сrурtо / fiаt-сrурtо ехсhаngе in a few clicks. Full customization, REST API connection to any ехсhаnges and providers.

Instantly send funds to a trading platform in order to avoid margin calls and stop outs thanks to our deep integration with flagship trading platforms. CTrader is Spotware’s flagship trading platform solution developed by Spotware and a brand trusted by millions of traders worldwide. Provide multiple variants of deposits/ withdrawals in your system. A trading account nominated in any type of cryptocurrency, fast crypto deposits and withdrawals through B2BinPay.

We can support any custom single-level or multi-level providers with automatic or manual management. Forеx is one of the largest and most profitable financial markets today. Account Application procedure comes equipped with a validation engine that helps you configure your Account Opening Application form the best way possible for optimum lead conversion.

With this feature, it is possible to track the monthly, quarterly, and annual records of the client. Some important analytics which is covered in this feature include e-wallet transactions, withdrawal, deposits, IB, and much more. It is very important to manage the team based on an operational hierarchy system. This feature allows the admin to assign necessary rights and permissions to the employees so that the work can be managed efficiently. If you are the admin, then you can easily provide internal access to your dedicated employees with Cloudforex – the best Forex CRM provider. Continuously working MT4/MT5 trading platform permits to set up easy and clear-cut reports based on trading statistics, transactions, balances, income, profits, and considerably more.

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Easily move data and securely between systems, making it a great option for businesses looking to streamline their data migration process. Our CRM helps you to maximize revenue for your FX brokerage agency. It can be customized to your exact business model and optimized to match your existing procedures. “We were referred to Skale by one of our Partners – we decided to start working with Skale to build out the tech for our sales team, and am extremely happy we did so. 5 to 500 sales staff in 12 months by streamlining the sales process.

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